ILife Logo Only Final OptionI-life is a business-led project involving industrial research into new knowledge for developing a highly novel commercial insurance product which encourages developers and investors to procure better houses via insurance-backed, whole-life performance warranties.

The primary challenge for the project is to develop energy prediction algorithms which accurately predict performance in use and can be translated into an insurance product.

The focus of the work is on new build housing in the social or private sector. Developing a deep understanding of the energy performance gap will be critical to success.

The project runs for 30 months from September 2015 and includes a 12 month pilot testing phase. It is funded through Innovate UK’s Building Whole Life Performance programme.

Findings will be widely disseminated through industry networks, events and published papers. 

There are seven work packages:

WP1: Technical definition of the integrated performance assurance approach

WP2: Meta-analysis of Building Performance Evaluation (BPE) data and development of the monitoring and testing regime

WP3: Commercial model and insurance industry requirements

WP4: Pilot process testing and exploitation planning

WP5: BIM integration and web applications

WP6: Project management

WP7: Dissemination and knowledge exchange via events and papers

Work Package Diagram


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